Secondary School Incursions

School Time Yoga provides a fun incursion program that will have EVERY student moving, focusing, stretching and finally relaxing as they participate in active and engaging NON-TRADITIONAL yoga. Our yoga sessions DO NOT involved students standing in rows and quietly moving through postures – for the most part, students are working together in partner poses that combine yoga with basic acrobatics and support each other while enjoying themselves! We also introduce students to traditional yoga in a fun and engaging way.


Sessions can run from 60 minutes to 2 hours and are a fun combination of breathing exercises, modified and traditional yoga postures, partner and group poses, basic acrobatics, creativity, games and relaxation through guided imagery or peer massage.

Ease the transition to Secondary School –  Year 7 students 

Transition to secondary school can be a challenging time for many Year 7 students. A School Time Yoga incursion program made up of one or multiple sessions, can be just what a class needs to develop friendships and respect. Secondary school students love a challenge and to work with their peers (even if they don’t know them very well!) and this is encouraged through lots of partner and group poses (think acrobatics) and challenges. A non-competitive sport, School Time Yoga’s incursions will have everyone moving and enjoying themselves for the entire session. A great way to finish off such an active class is with some focused breathing and a guided peer massage which involves all students giving and receiving a short massage.

Encourage students to respect each other while also developing their focus and concentration – Years 8 – 10

Secondary School students are easily distracted and allow their minds to become overstimulated. Refocus students with a yoga session and encourage them to reconnect with their peers with partner poses that require focus, concentration and respect. Students will learn to support each other when challenges arise as they work together to achieve challenging acrobatic yoga postures. All sessions are finished with a relaxation component, that for this age group focuses on showing students how they can calm and refocus themselves with breathing and give and receive a short peer massage.

All our programs are specially designed to meet the needs of your students so please contact us to see what we can do for you!


Testimonials from Secondary School Teachers:

“The students liked that it was different to traditional yoga. The session accommodated all abilities and students enjoyed learning new things and being able to have a go in a safe environment.” – Yr 9 Dance Teacher, Rowville Secondary College

“A great session! Something completely different for the students – they most enjoyed the partner balances and the thai massage. We would have liked the session to have gone longer.” – Yr 7 Phys Ed Teacher, Rowville Secondary College

Winter Special
We come to your school or kinder! Our qualified and insured yoga instructors are also primary teachers and will introduce your students to yoga with a session modified to suit your student's needs. Sessions can also be themed for younger students or include partner poses for older students. We have lots of experience introducing students (and their teachers!) to yoga all over Melbourne and the outer suburbs.
Conditions apply. Incursion must be booked by 31st July but can be used any time in Term 3 or 4. QUOTE: 'Winter Special' for discount. Bookings: OR 0468 471 102
Book any incursion during WINTER to receive...